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“The Greener Chef cutting boards are very nice looking, solidly made, and fantastic to use.”

Ronald Potter Jr.

Greener Chef ®

Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen, XL Turkey Carving Board, Wooden Chopping Boards, Butcher Block Wood Cutting Board, Meat Cutting Board with Juice Grooves & Pour Spout, 18 x 13"

Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen, XL Turkey Carving Board, Wooden Chopping Boards, Butcher Block Wood Cutting Board, Meat Cutting Board with Juice Grooves & Pour Spout, 18 x 13"

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100% Bamboo

Antibacterial & Antifungal


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime replacements

Easy returns

Product Specs

Brand Greener Chef
Color Two-Tone
Product Dimensions 17.9"L x 0.8"W x 13"Th
Material Bamboo
Recommended Uses For Product Meat
Product Care Instructions Frequently Condition with Greener Chef Cutting Board Oil
Special Feature Lightweight
Item Weight 4 Pounds
Number of Items 1

Core Features

  • GORGEOUS, FUNCTIONAL, XL TWO-TONE MEAT CARVING BOARD WITH SPIKES - If you’re looking for a sturdy, long-lasting bbq meat cutting board that doubles as a meat serving platter on special occasions, look no further! This brisket cutting board is so durable that it stands up to preparing, carving & presenting the largest turkeys and hams, juiciest steaks, and perfectly-cooked prime rib! It measures 18 x 13 x 0.75 inches to make carving easy & less cluttered; to satisfy every creation and craving.
  • NATURALLY GORGEOUS & HEALTHY FOR FAMILIES - This extra large wooden cutting board is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s the last XL cutting board you’ll ever need, guaranteed. It even serves as a chopping block and meat resting rack! Plus, bamboo chopping boards are better for you. It’s less porous, naturally organic, and food safe. This is a raw, naturally-sourced big cutting board that’s oversized and made from the tallest, toughest, rapidly-growing grass on the planet. Perfect for bbq prep!
  • IMPRESS GUESTS & PREP LIKE A PRO - This extra large cutting board is impressive in its appearance and you can use it to carve all of your favorite cuts. It’s a specially designed cutting board for meat! Use it for multiple meal preps at once or to prepare one big meat platter for the family using this bbq cutting board for meat. It’s beautiful and washes easily, making clean-up quick! This turkey cutting board is a must-have in any carving set and will be your best friend every time you feast.
  • ENJOY COOKING WITH A SAFER, SMARTER DESIGN - Bamboo's natural properties make this turkey serving platter and cutting board for ribs the perfect kitchen companion. Easy to care for and clean, this kitchen cutting board preserves your knife edge longer and is easy to carry safely from kitchen to table. This wood cutting board with juice groove and convenient pour spout captures juices that you can transform into homemade glazes & gravies. Perfect for health-conscious families!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Unlike glass cutting boards or plastic cutting boards, we responsibly & ethically source our bamboo to last. In fact, we guarantee this roast carving board for a lifetime. This bbq serving tray is a memorable housewarming or wedding gift and is well received by friends and family for Christmas, Mother’s Day, and birthdays. For long-lasting beauty and durability, hand wash and oil our bamboo chopping blocks frequently with our 100% Pure Walnut Cutting Board Oil.
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Take it from Happy Greener Chefs

Knife-friendly, it won’t dull your knives, perfect grooves on the side, so less mess, perfect for prepping multiple items at once.

Super large, you’re going to love it in your kitchen!

Just as natural & toxin-free as the fresh whole food you chop up & eat of it.

Good food, our bodies, and our Earth matter to us.

Unable to find sustainable cutting boards that don’t grow molds or bacteria and are chemical & toxic-free, Greener Chef was born. 

Delicious Meals, Happy Family Moments, and Memorable Feast with Friends 

This is our promise to you. 

At Greener Chef, you get nothing but high-quality bamboo cutting boards and food storage containers that prioritizes your health and protects our environment.  

We’re 100% free from Phthalates, BPA, BPS, or BPF, so you won’t get sick. 

No splinters, dust, dirt, or germs that’ll contaminate your food. 

Only the greenest option that cares for you, your household, and your knives.  

Make Memorable Occasions Safe and Easy with Greener Chef

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