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24 x 18 Inch XXL Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board – Wooden Carving Board for Turkey, Meat, Vegetables, BBQ - LARGEST Wood Butcher Block Boards with Handles, Juice Groove



30 x 20 Bamboo Extra Large Cutting Board - Wooden Stove Top Cover Noodle Board - Meat Cutting Board for BBQ - Carving Board for Turkey - Extra Large Charcuterie Board - Over the Sink Cutting Board



Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids (Bamboo) - 4 Piece Value Set - The Most Ecofriendly Glass Containers for Food Storage with Lids - Airtight, Glass Meal Prep Containers or Glass Food Containers



Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board for Kitchen with Built-In Compartments and Juice Groove - Wooden Chopping Board for Meat, Cheese Charcuterie Board with Handles, (Extra Large, 18 x 12.5 Inch)


Clients Reviews

Great Value for the Price

The cutting board is well made, and has really useful juice grooves that are thoughtfully incorporated into its design. I also really like the small hand groves on each end of its smooth reverse side. I use it with the smooth side facing up while the grooved side faces downward on top of my gas range. The smooth side tried to move and slide around a bit when laid against the stove grates, but the grooved side seems to kinda hug a few of the grates which makes it more secure covering my stove top. I just wish it was 2-3 inches deeper so it would cover my entire stove top, from front to back. As it is, I just place the cutting board flush with my stove front and it covers it fully from side to side. However there are about 2-3 inches between the back of the board and the back of my stove. Ideally I wanted this board to be flush with the back of the stove, and overhang just enough in front to come over the top of the gas burner knobs on the stove front. Though my board placement is working well, and it’s girth helps keep it in position pretty well too.

This cutting board is a really nice thickness. I’ll just have to keep it oiled regularly to keep it in great shape.

For the price, I think it’s a good value.
Especially when compared to other brands like Boos at 4 times the price.

by Sophia

Giant Highly Functional Cutting Board with Deep Grove for Juices

Highly recommended. There are multiple uses for this 30 x 20 inch board. It’s perfect for craving a larger turkey, roast, or multiple items. It’s nice enough to both cut-on and serve-from.

This truly giant board would allow you crave from one side and place the cut meat(s) on the other side for pick-up, plating, or self-serve (for a buffet line).

This XXXL Extra Large board has very wide/deep grooves, and a deeper/wider collection reservoir; with a flat cutting board all the juices would run all over! I positioned mine over a 2nd collection device (a 6th pan; not included); see pictures.

Bring this board with you, when preparing for a large party some place away from a normal kitchen (basement, backyard, block-party). Ideal to prepare food with a large group of people. 2-3 people could use it at the same time.

This is a great cutting board to take on a large picnic, to be beach, on catering job, or any where else you need to bring a big stable clean surface It’s easy to clean but it’s affordable enough that could serve for a single use.

It’s very stable but you could easily clamp it to a picnic table, or a table on a boat or RV, or secure by placing a wet dish towel between the board and the surface it’s resting on. Easily mount grandma’s food grinder to it, or customize in other ways like or route/inset into a larger custom table; use as the cutting surface for your outdoor kitchen!

by Harry Hawk

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