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"Changed my worn out looking boards and wooden utensils into vibrant wood again!"

Russell G.


Walnut Board Oil Spray

Walnut Board Oil Spray

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100% Bamboo

Antibacterial & Antifungal


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime replacements

Easy returns

Product Specs

Color Cutting Board Oil
Brand Greener Chef
Item Weight 0.4 Pounds
Product Dimensions 8.25"L x 1.5"W x 2"Th

Core Features

  • PROUDLY MADE IN ITALY - 100% pure walnut oil that is food based, food grade, edible and contains no mineral oil produced in Italy. Works bests on all wooden and bamboo cutting boards and wood utensils as well a home furniture polisher and conditioner
  • NO MESS WITHOUT WASTING YOUR TIME - Innovative 3-mode dispenser lets you quickly drip, stream, or mist depending on your desired application needs, which means zero mess and less waste of time caring for your favorite kitchenware
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT - Preserves, revitalizes, restores, hydrates, seals, conditions and penetrates deeply into wood to protect from water to prevent cracking and drying
  • CONTAINS NO MINERAL OIL - 100% sourced and produced in small, handcrafted batches. Also non-aerosol, propellant free spray that keeps the oil fresh inside a BPA-free bladder for up to 24 months. Warning: Please Avoid if Allergic to Nuts
  • NEW BOTTLE DESIGN - Our new and improved bottle design will never leave you with full bottle of oil with no way to get it out again!
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Take it from Happy Greener Chefs

I was tired of my cutting boards looking dry and getting dull. I found an awesome solution, I’m so glad I found this 100% walnut oil from Greener Chef.

Works equally well for any bamboo or natural wood products

Good food, our bodies, and our Earth matter to us.

Unable to find sustainable cutting boards that don’t grow molds or bacteria and are chemical & toxic-free, Greener Chef was born. 

Delicious Meals, Happy Family Moments, and Memorable Feast with Friends 

This is our promise to you. 

At Greener Chef, you get nothing but high-quality bamboo cutting boards and food storage containers that prioritizes your health and protects our environment.  

We’re 100% free from Phthalates, BPA, BPS, or BPF, so you won’t get sick. 

No splinters, dust, dirt, or germs that’ll contaminate your food. 

Only the greenest option that cares for you, your household, and your knives.  

Make Memorable Occasions Safe and Easy with Greener Chef

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